Who We Are

In a world of accelerating technological change, the most important skill is the ability to communicate your ideas.

Lion Toastmasters Club is part of a worldwide non-profit organization. We are one of over 16,000 Toastmasters clubs in 141 countries. 

When you join our club, you will learn to communicate so that others will listen. You will learn to convey your ideas so that others will be inspired. And you will learn to lead by applying proven techniques that are used by some of the most effective leaders in the world.

Our members are all of a similar mindset. We love to improve ourselves and help others do the same.

If you want to improve your own communication skills in a safe and supportive environment, we would feel honored to help you. 

Our Philosophy

Learn by Yourself

As a member, you have access to a proven system that lets you learn at your own pace. You can choose a path that is in line with your goals.

No matter if you want to improve your public speaking skills, your leadership skills, or simply want to communicate more effectively, you will find the right online resources used by more than 300,000 members worldwide.

Each path is broken down into small units so that you won’t be overwhelmed with too much information.

Learn by Doing

Listening, speaking, and presenting are skills. Like any other skill, the more you practice, the better you will get. 

After you have learned the material in the unit you’re studying, you have an opportunity to present to your like-minded friends at our club.

This will allow you to gradually become a better communicator with the help of your colleagues. There are even contests for those who want to measure their progress in a fun and competitive setting.

Help Each Other

Even though you are learning the material by yourself, you are never really alone. Your friends all know the value of helping each other and will gladly coach you so that you can reach your goals with ease and joy.

Some of our members are seasoned public speakers and leaders and the value of learning from them is priceless.

And as your own skills improve, you will get the opportunity to mentor others to achieve their goals.

Learn | Practice | Improve

One of the challenges for non-native English speakers is to gain confidence when speaking English. Especially when speaking in front of a group. Toastmasters will give you that confidence. But don’t take our word for it. Listen to local Toastmasters share their experiences.

Be Our Guest

Most of our members didn’t immediately join LION Toastmasters. They learned about our club from friends or online and before joining, they attended one or more meetings as a guest. If you are interested to do the same, contact us or simply drop by when we meet at LION Corporation in Sriracha on Thursdays from 18:00 – 20:00.

We would be delighted to welcome you!